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Grilled banana Cambodian style | street food in phnom penh | grilled banana split. Street food snack in Cambodia is easy to find and cheap. We can try baked or grilled banana which is among the most famous nearby palm fruits or custard apple in Cambodia. Close to consuming as tree grown foods in crude, bananas are cooked in numerous structures to make assortments of Khmer scrumptious grilled bananas. Flame broiled banana we called Chek Ang in Khmer, is offering broadly in the city of Phnom Penh city. We can have a stick of hot barbecued bananas only for 500 Riels. The neighborhood individuals like to have barbecued banana as nibble in the middle of lunch and supper time. We have some sorts of flame broiled banana, one is delicate and another is not excessively delicate, yet it doesn't mean fresh. The experienced banana (the skin still looks green) was barbecued, then it won't get to be delicate, however the taste is sweeter. For the riper banana, it will get to be delicate after flame broiled, and the taste turn into a bit harsh off and on again. The way to grill or flame broil banana is simple. The sort of banana that we use to barbecued. First of all, we can take the skin off and place it onto a bamboo stick. At that point put it under the daylight for around 30mn, after that can put it on to the coals. The coals shouldn't be excessively, on the grounds that the bananas require a few times to be best flame broiled. In the event that we are excessively rush, within the bananas could be uncooked while the outside part get smoldered. While barbecuing, we must continue turning the bananas frequently furthermore apply salty water on it. The salty water (simply a tad bit of salt into water) is utilized to keep the banana not ended up exceptionally dry after flame broiled, and salt helps.

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Grilled banana Cambodian style | street food in phnom penh | grilled banana split

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