Sticky rice with bacon or banana called Nom An Sorm អន្សមជ្រូក និង អន្សមចេក - Campuchia DzoVN

Sticky rice with bacon or banana called Nom An Sorm អន្សមជ្រូក និង អន្សមចេក. September is the month when Cambodian individuals commend the celebration of Phchum Ben. Together with Khmer New Year in April, Phchum Ben is the most paramount celebration in the Khmer religious logbook. Cambodians have dependably watched the celebration consistently for as far back as anybody can recollect. The expression "Ben" in Khmer intends to gather; "Ben" additionally intends to measure or mold cooked rice into parts. To 'Ben Baht' intends to gather nourishment to provide for ministers. The saying "Phchum" intends to assemble or to meet together. In any case how occupied they may be amid the fifteen days of Phchum Ben. Cambodian individuals make an effort not to miss a visit to the pagoda to devote nourishment and offerings to the dead. The celebration's last day, September 23rd, is the real day of Phchum Ben, when individuals generally meet together at the pagoda, said the Venerable Ly Sovy of Lang Ka pagoda. By doing this, Cambodians show regard for their progenitors. Everybody goes to the pagoda consistently to respect this custom, and no one whines. They make some cambodian rice cake called Nom An Sorm made from sticky rice-bacon and sticky rice-banana.

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Sticky rice with bacon or banana called Nom An Sorm អន្សមជ្រូក និង អន្សមចេក

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